RoleNameCompany / OrganizationSectionPhotoQuote
Chief DirectorTakeshi NakanoSonpo Japan, Inc.Auditing GroupMy favorite thing is to walk in a strange land, learn its characteristics, and come into contact with the people that live there. It is my hope that the foreigners in Japan and the Japanese people can support each other, live well, and create a vibrant society.
Vice DirectorTomohisa YoshidaTokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.Corporate Sales Planning DepartmentHuman beings shouldn’t live alone. To meet others is a miracle. I want to cherish every encounter and relationship as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Business DirectorKatsuki ItagakiMitsubishi Chemical CorporationAccounting / Finance Department (Experience as an officer in Indonesia)Have a dream. If you always keep it close to your heart, it unexpectedly may come true.
DirectorYasuhide SudoAlps Logistics Co., Ltd.Director for Residents in Hong Kong and ShanghaiThere is a limit to the results that can be achieved by one person’s ability. With other people, what can be achieved is limitless. I await many such connections.
DirectorTomoko HiraiKDDI CorporationOverseas Communication Department
DirectorPaul TakemuraCisco Systems, Inc.Asia Pacific Region Systems EngineeringPaul TakemuraWe look forward to helping both foreigners and their employers.
ManagerShinsuke SumioMitsui Sumitomo Banking CorporationAuditor, International Dept. ChinaATM! (Akaruku, Tanoshiki, Maemuki!) Be optimistic, enjoy life, and be positive!


RoleNameCompany / OrganizationSectionPhotoQuote
ConsultantYoshitaka MizukaiJFE Holdings, Inc.Overseas RepresentativeI enjoy visiting countries that I don’t know much about. To be able to collaborate with people from other countries is something that is very important in today’s Japan. We hope that our activities can contribute to this effort.
ConsultantSumiko MatsumotoNPO Senior Works Ryoma21Chief DirectorProposals for second life, planning / operation / lecturer of regional debut courses, senior market consulting, writing, etc. in government / local governments, companies, research institutes, media, etc. In his book, "I want to work after retirement. How to think and find a job at the age of 100 years of life” etc. Lecturer at "Tokyo Second Career School" in Tokyo.