RoleNameCompany / OrganizationSectionPhotoQuote
Chief DirectorTakeshi NakanoSonpo Japan, Inc. (Formerly)Auditing GroupMy favorite thing is to walk in a strange land, learn its characteristics, and come into contact with the people that live there. It is my hope that the foreigners in Japan and the Japanese people can support each other, live well, and create a vibrant society.
Managing DirectorShinsuke SumioMitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation (Formerly)Auditor, International Dept. ChinaATM! (Akaruku, Tanoshiki, Maemuki!) Be optimistic, enjoy life, and be positive!
DirectorPaul TakemuraCisco Systems, Inc. (Formerly)Asia Pacific Region Systems EngineeringPaul TakemuraWe look forward to helping both foreigners and their employers.
DirectorKazuo UchidaSatellite broadcasting company (Formerly)Japanese language instructorKazuo UchidaWe are happy if we can help people from overseas to enjoy life in Japan as much as possible!
SupervisorEriko ShimizuFinancial services companyAdministrative DivisionEriko ShimizuJapanese and foreigners are the same human beings. We would be happy if we could help you to create a society where we can recognize each other, help each other, and grow together.